To bring a difference in Computer Education System. Our Mission is to educate every youth of our country and also to make them master in advance technology so that they can build there carrier in any Organization.
We want to serve every youth of India.
To deliver quality and Excellent Computer Education in India.
We also want to provide all the schemes of Education in terms of technology which is offered by the Govt. of India and also by the State Govt. of India.
We want to create a unique kind of education system for a free of cost/very reasonable fee for every common man where we can provide education in all the rural parts of every district in the states of India. To deliver a quality education through out in India.


To achieve excellence in IT Education Industry with Operations, Planning, Management, Computer Education and Accreditation throughout the India.
To boost Computer Education in India.
To tackle shortage of IT Manpower world-wide. Our motto is Education, is to know about it and new IT Techniques.
To give the best possible education in IT training to the students. So that they can serve society effectively and with dignity.
We hope will touch many more lives over the next few years.
IT Literacy & Women Development Programs.
Rural development & Employment Programs.
Free Health Medical Camps & Awareness program.
To give cost effective and self employment education program.