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Gurdass Morya
(M.D. Guru Infotech)

"It's the time to take our steps together towards the new technology". It the present cyber age education has acquired a new making there for the present scenario of education demands a higher order of sensitivity, sagacity, discipline of mind, heart and power of knowledge among the student."All India Rural Education Computer Mission" It's the Reliable name of Computer Education. We are tried to give our best by this National Organization "Guru Infotech" is a loyal steps towards the it education to all those students who are unable to get that kind of education due any kind of limitations.

"Guru Infotech" is a easy was to spread the light of education and techniques in the field of IT Area. We want to see our country at the peak of the highest knowledge. It's the pillar of particular knowledge there is nothing to pay but all and everything is to gain. Our main mission is to provide the new technology education to all poor and needy students in rural and urban. Computer courses at an affordable cost to all.

Our aim is not only to give knowledge but also to provide best opportunity of getting jobs. So come and make true all your dreams with "Guru Infotech".