Our Franchise

Guru Infotech is looking forward to establish its branches in all over India and want to serve every single youth of our country so we are looking forward to launch our branches through Franchise. At present we are currently running 35+ branches in different places in Hariyana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh We have over all 35+ branches at present and we are aiming for 200+plus branches in all over India within the year 2017. Through Franchise we are keenly intending to establish as much as many branches not only in urban city but we are concentrating much on the rural parts of our country, we are giving other people to also join and serve their own districts, states by providing the advance computer technology education through using our brand and franchise will be given all kinds of services which is been provided by the govt. of India (such as Government oriented courses).

What you have to posses in new institute?

  • Franchisee bio-data
  • Proposal confirmation letter & Approval form with agreed terms and conditions.
  • Center location freezing
  • Agreement signing with sign-up fees
  • Centre raising process
  • Launch Kit delivery from Corp. Office
  • Pre- Inaugural Audit
  • Staff Induction- Mktg., Academics, Operations
  • Launch Advertisement & Inauguration
  • Getting started with the business
  • Continuous support from Sales Support Desk (SSD) throughout
  • Firm commitment toward providing a quality education
  • Sound business acumen
  • Preferably an exposure t information Technology
  • 1000 – 1200 Sq. area in a prime location of the city
  • Flair for man management

1.Recommended Manpower (start-up)

  • Branch Manager – 1
  • Counselor – 1
  • Technical Staff – 2
  • Operations Coordinator – 1
  • Total No. Staffs – 5

2.Infrastructure Requirement

  • Theory Class Room - 2
  • Practical Room - 1
  • 1 Lab with Minimum 10 System
  • 1 Counseling Cabin
  • Branch Manager Cabin - 1
  • Staff Room - 1
  • Library / Student Area - 1
  • Basic Interiors
  • Furniture
  • Software
  • AC's
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Power Backup for all Computers.
  • UPS
  • Inverter with Battery