Aims & Objects

GURU INFOTECHaspires to offer quality computer education to enlighten, emancipate and empower the student-teacher fraternity and to foster lifelong learning. Mission all India rural computer education mission will undertake..., to develop an understanding of the principles of pedagogy and its application to curriculum transaction and evaluation. To develop the students in skills and competencies necessary to play the multifaceted role of the computer education in the new millennium. To provide opportunities to the faculty and the students to undertake action research projects contributing to new insights into the teaching learning process. to enable the students to live in harmony with oneself and with others in the profession, community and society at large.

Our motto is Education, is to know about it and new IT Techniques.
To give the best possible study and IT training to its students. So that they can serve society effectively and with dignity.
We hope will touch many more lives over the next few years.
IT Literacy & Women Development Programs
Rural development & Employment Programs.

IT Literacy & Women Development Programs.
Rural development & Employment Programs.
Free Health Medical Camps & Awareness program.
To give cost effective and self employment education program.
Professional Skill Training programs
To promoting and developing distance education in India & Abroad.
To students giving a academic & professional, vocational and IT programs orientation to the course.