About Us

Guru Infotech is a computer education based Organization where we educate the students in the field of Computer Technology. Our Organization was established on 02 of February 2011 and is also certified under ISO 9001-2008, It runs under (A.I.R.C.E.M.) All India Rural Computer Education Mission and also NGO registered under N.C.T Govt of Delhi. We had started our 1ST branch in Panipat but today we have 35+ branches across India and now we are aiming to launch our branches all over India with a target of 100+ branches. We are basically aiming to educate every youth of our country in the field of Advanced Computer Technology so that they can build their carrier in any kind of Organization. Our organization will always be ahead to educate the youth of India, Our primary intention is to educate the rural parts of our country. We Guru Infotech will always serve to all those in need of education.

Computer Certification Program

Becoming certified in a specific skill or product is a way to prove that you have the necessary knowledge to perform a job in a given field or a job that uses specific technologies. Employers often look at a candidates certifications in order to assess whether or not the individual is a viable candidate for a position. Webopedia has compiled this alphabetical list of different certifications related to computer technologies with a brief explanation of each certification and links to further information.

Rural Education Programs

The primary objectives of development programmers are to spread education, improve healthcare, implement livelihood initiatives, build capacity for good governance, and promote and protect the rights of children among marginalized communities. We places an emphasis on innovation for meeting the needs to empower and transform the people. path creator for our Society and takes care of people needs, it spreads people's rights, we approach to help for needy based on their basic life and situation. We are promoting and running programs such as Adult empowerment, Women Development, Rural Development, Health Care and Education etc.